Why the redesign?

As I’m getting closer to the “official launch” of UnashamedSermons.com I thought it would be a good idea to explain to the existing users of Unashamed Sermons why I decided to do this. In the interest of saving time, I’ve decided to present this as a point form list!

  1. To seperate Unashamed Sermons from my church site.
    My original intention in joining the two a year ago was to make it both easier for me to maintain and also to foster the “community” that I was hoping would take root. However, I’ve come to realize that while I do have a number of my church family access Unashamed Sermons for my messages there are also a large number of people who access USerm who don’t attend HPC and would really find that stuff irrelevant.
    Also, one of the reasons for having a church website is to help folks interested in learning more about our church to discover the information they are looking for fairly quickly – which isn’t possible with the existing design. So it was time to seperate them.
  2. The existing core of Unashamed Online! was too bulky.
    I’m always looking for ways to improve the efficiency of maintaining Unashamed Sermons and provide room for adding useful things. The core in the existing design (Php-Nuke) was proving to be too bulky and unwieldy for the kind of stuff I wanted to do. With my new core (WordPress) I’m able to accomplish a lot more, a lot more quickly.
  3. Get rid of the requirement to register
    In the existing design I wanted to create a community type of place where those who accessed Unashamed Sermons not only utilized the content but also interacted with it and each other. In order to build this interactivity in I utilized a user registration system. Unfortunately (although it was completely free), that never really took off and I received a few complaints about the necessity to register (and/or log in) in order to access the content. While it was nice seeing how many people have registered at Unashamed Online! in the past year – it is really superfluous for the actual benefit it brings to users. With the new design, you don’t have to register to access any of the content but the ability to “interact” is still there via a very robust and easy to use “comment” system – which hopefully will get used more 😉
  4. Addition of the “UnashamedSermons.com” domain name
    I decided to finally take the plunge and register a domain name for my sermons site. That way if in the future I ever end up moving somewhere else (which I’m not planning by the way!!) I don’t have to worry about the complications of hosting this website on the church’s server. Along with the domain name registration I’m hosting UnashamedSermons.com on it’s own server as I needed more space now that I’m making mp3’s available and also for future expansion. I’m also hoping the new provider I’m using for my hosting needs will improve on the access speed of the content. Only time will tell, and I am monitoring the reliability of this host in case changes need to be made. Hopefully, having this domain name will make it easier to remember!

Hopefully this helps explain why I’m making the changes I’m making. You can also find out a bit more information by checking out the “About” page. If you have any questions feel free to post it as a comment and I’ll answer as soon as I can!

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