Purpose over Perks

Leaders don’t allow dollar figures to dictate how they make decisions. Rather, leaders dig within to bring out the best they have to offer to the world – regardless of the compensation. Likewise, they aren’t seduced into settling for a life of luxury. Leaders have a burning passion to make a difference. As a result, they willingly put themselves on the front lines to be in the place of greatest responsibility. Counter to modern culture, leaders know no entitlement. They think in terms of creating rather than consuming. They value corporate welfare above individual security. Leaders cannot be certain of the costs their sacrifice will require of them. For every soldier who stands victoriously after the war has been won, another soldier lies lifeless on the battlefield. Many times, a leader pays the ultimate price with no reward but the hope of bettering the lives around him or her.
Adapted from John Maxwell’s Leadership Wired 9/12/07

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