New Things Under the Surface

Well, I’ve completed a MAJOR part of the overhaul of – for the average user visiting this site however there’s not much new visible (except for maybe a few items that appear missing). I’ve still got a few tweaks to do here and there to bring things back to the way they were but the major bits of Userm are online and working for now.

I’m looking for some suggestions for things that are missing that the readers/users of would like to see. If you’ve got something – leave a comment to this post 🙂

(ALSO, for those who follow my personal blog over at you know that one of my hobbies is designing plugins (more notably the Organize Series Plugin which was inspired from custom work I did here). As part of the upgrade/overhaul of I’ve written a new plugin that I’ll be releasing to the community soon – watch my blog for the announcement sometime over the weekend 😉 )

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