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This category contains illustrations. I also have sub-categories (listed below) that are the meta (or broad) topics that the illustrations fit into. They help narrow down illustrations by type. You can use them to simply “browse” through the illustrations. However, the best way to find illustrations is to search by tag (click on the link in the menu at top of page) or do a regular search via the search box above. Every entry I file I “tag” with keywords or words that I think would be a good “fit” for the illustration in a sermon (I also tag messages so the tag search will bring up sermons as well which can further help with relevance!). The search by tags feature of enables you to quickly pull up illustrations (and all other content) related to those keywords. The regular search looks through all the text of the posts on for the search term you enter and will pull up more entries but the majority of them will most likely be irrelevant.

Dead Horses

The tribal wisdom of the Dakota Indians says when you discover you’re riding a dead horse, the best strategy is to dismount. However, in modern business and ministry, because of the heavy investment factors, other strategies are often tried with … Continue reading

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Church Shopping Online

Church consultant Tom Bandy says that as tools for reaching potential worshipers, church Web sites are growing in number and getting more sophisticated. One sign: 5 years ago, churches made up only 5% of clientele for StreamGuys, an Arcadia, CA-based … Continue reading

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Drift, Surf, Drown or Sail

Mike Metzger, professional mentor and president of Clapham Institute, observes, “You meet four kinds of people on the ocean of life. Those who drift just go with the flow. The wind and the waves control their speed and direction. The … Continue reading

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Purpose over Perks

Leaders don’t allow dollar figures to dictate how they make decisions. Rather, leaders dig within to bring out the best they have to offer to the world – regardless of the compensation. Likewise, they aren’t seduced into settling for a … Continue reading

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Startling Statistics on Depression

It’s hard to believe, but Americans are the unhappiest people on earth. That is the conclusion of a new study by the World Health Organization and the Harvard Medical School, which found that 9.6 percent of Americans suffer from depression or … Continue reading

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