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Sermons preached at a regular Sunday Morning Service.

Jailhouse Praise

Our text for today speaks about the incredible hole that Paul, Silas and company found themselves in while serving God in Philippi. No doubt for the average person, for most of us, if this happened to us this hole would be incredibly deep and forlorn. Yet how on earth could a beaten man sing songs and praising the lord? The reality of our God is that in the midst of the worst situations, HE fills us with praise. Our response is to praise the Lord, to let out what HE has placed within. It is better out than in!! The Apostle Paul knew there was power in praise, so lets look and see just what Praising the Lord can do, because I believe friends ? that no matter what holes we happen to stumble across in life the key to climbing out of those holes and filling them up is found in the joy of praising God Continue reading

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The Team with a Dream

So, as we come to chapter 3, we discover that the building has begun. Here in this chapter is faithfully recorded by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit the names of those that worked on the wall. They are recorded because God wants them to be remembered. They are Jerusalem?s dream team. They came together and pulled off what others thought would be impossible. God makes sure that they are remembered for their accomplishment in fulfilling His purpose.

Today I want to highlight to you in Nehemiah 3:1-32 seven approaches to re-building the wall of Jerusalem that ensured it?s success. In doing so I believe that you?ll discover as I did the key to being successful in the plans the Lord sets out for your life and the life of this church. How do you want to be remembered? Continue reading

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cold. sweat. fear.

The scripture for this message highlights the premise that partial obedience is NOT acceptable in the eyes of God. A life of victory over your greatest fear begins and is sustained by a live of complete obedience to God’s Word… Continue reading

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A Crippling Want

Envy – it rots your bones… Continue reading

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Strange Investments

Now have you ever wondered what investments God makes? I mean is there some celestial savings plan that allows God to plan for his retirement? No that couldn’t be, after all He owns everything and He can create whatever He needs! What about investments in time? Well, that’s kind of a moot issue as well since God is eternal and time has no effect on Him! That leaves us with one other area, and that is relationships! All through the Bible we find a clear indication that God invests in relationships. He invests in people. But then there is something else we find in the Word of God – He doesn’t just invest in anybody. Continue reading

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