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NOTE: UnshamedSermons.com is not being actively maintained right now. Life has got WAY to busy for me to keep things up to date. I considered taking the site down but decided that its archive is far to useful to close the doors on it. Someday, I may “reactivate” the site but for now it is what it is.

What is UnashamedSermons.com (Userm)?

It is a place where I post all the sermons I’ve preached. On this website you will also find mp3’s for messages that have been recorded digitally while preaching them at Hanover Pentecostal Church and Waterloo Pentecostal Assembly You will also find Illustrations, and other articles related to pastoral ministry, reading and studying God’s word, and sermon preparation. For now, everything you find here is free. In the future there may be more “premium” content added (such as bulletin inserts for messages, powerpoint slides etc.) but the current content will always be free.

For most of the content found here you can interact by leaving a comment or rating it’s value. Please feel free to contribute!

Who does all this stuff?

My name is Darren Ethier and I am the Assistant Pastor at Waterloo Pentecostal Assembly in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada (since May 2008). Prior to my current place of ministry I pastored a church in Hanover, Ontario for 12 years. I am married and have 4 children and no animals (not yet anyway hehe!). I also am the owner of a web development business specializing in WordPress based sites. I also like playing hockey, and anything to do with my family (both at home and my church)!

Why all the effort in making this website?

UnashamedSermons.com is a labor of love in utilizing some of the giftings God has given me so that I can bless others in ministry who may not have the resources I do. It is also a way of me passing on some of the excellent gleanings, training, experience that I’ve gained in my years of ministry and from various sources I’ve stumbled across. Yes, I put a lot of time into this but I consider it worth-while if it helps even one person come to know Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour, or helps one believer grow closer to God, or one pastor become better equipped to share God’s Word with their people.

Any Catch?

No, no catch! Please feel free to use any sermons that you find on this site. All I ask is that when you use them (whether you copy for someone else’s use or you post them on the internet) that you place a credit line at the bottom (hyper-linked to www.unashamedsermons.com if posted online). Also I would appreciate an email to let me know that you are using the sermon. Please note I make every effort to make sure that I accurately attribute correct reference and credit to any of the resources I use but from time to time I may miss properly recognizing someone. If you catch that “1 in 100 post” on this site please kindly let me know either via a comment to the post, or via email and I will correct it when verified.

Please enjoy UnashamedSermons.com!

– Darren Ethier

Now a little bit of history: (for those who are interested!)

In 2000 I decided to apply my part-time hobby (designing webpages) to use in designing a website for the church I pastored at. In the process I wanted to include a page that would display the content of the sermon I had preached that week. Eventually I realized the value of posting all my messages online and archiving them both for my own research purposes as well as to help out others who share God’s word. Eventually I decided to make this archive a website in its own right and so Unashamed Sermons was born. It went through two redesigns over the next 4 years but for the most part the way I entered and maintained the site stayed the same. In what seems a very archaic method to me now I used to cut and paste each sermon onto it’s own webpage and then I’d manually go through the site and add all the links to that page where needed.

Over the years I received many emails from pastors and people who had visited the site and had been blessed by the availability of these messages. I started thinking of ways in which I could facilitate a community on the website where there could be interaction with the messages and each person using the site. I added a forum but it never really got used. Then I started a complete overhaul of my church website and sermons website and decided to combine them into one community based site called “Unashamed Online!” I utilized a free cms (content management system) called Php-Nuke to help build this website and learned a lot more about designing websites and “coding” in the process. My hopes were that with this new website I could serve not only content but also contribute to building an “online” community where there could be much more interaction. As part of this, I decided to add a “user” system where people had to register with the website to be able to access Unashamed Sermons. That way I could both see how many people are using the site and also create the framework for user interaction to take place (in the form of comments, private messaging, forums, ratings, etc.) While many people registered in this new system and accessed Unashamed Sermons I was still disappointed with the level of interaction taking place. As well, I received a number of comments from various people who had used my site in the past that found the registration process a little bit frustrating and time consuming. In time I also noticed that PHP-nuke was an okay system…but was a little bit more bulky for what I wanted or needed. It also had too much of a “cookie-cutter” feel to it (in my eyes anyway). Also, I noticed that by combining the church site and Unashamed Sermons site together it made it hard to focus on the different types of “users” that would be accessing it and hence add to the amount of irrelevant content that either set would have to sift through. It was time to start thinking about separating the two sites again and redesign things.

Enter in WordPress … I had started a personal blog and the more I used it (i.e. dissected and modified it!) the more I realized the potential for the WordPress core to be used as the engine for the new church website and new Unashamed Sermons website I had in mind. Along with the new redesign I decided to finally register a domain name just for my sermons website and so UnashamedSermons.com was born!

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