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Supernatural Happenings with Angels

This entry is part 3 of 4 in the series Christmas: Divine Design Causing Change

In recent years, Angels have become quite popular. The Wall Street Journal carried an article in 2003 that stated, “After a hiatus of almost 300 years and much skepticism, angels are making a comeback.” From lapel pins to Angel Cards, people can?t seem to get enough of the celestial world. Just this week I typed in the word “angel” on Google, and came up with 73.9 million hits! According to the Angel Collectors Club of America, the hands-down champion of angel collectors is a woman from Beloit, Wisconsin. Her home is stuffed with 10,455 different angelic artifacts!Even TV talk shows devote hours to people with “angel stories.” Several years ago, Oprah Winfrey chided a guest for being “in denial” about an angel experience. Major bookstore chains sometimes have whole sections devoted to books involving angels ? of course a small percentage of those books present angels in a biblical light.While the Christmas story is saturated with the supernatural, some of us miss the meaning because we just skim by this season on a superficial level. I want to suggest through this message that we must see the mysterious and miraculous elements surrounding the birth of Jesus. Continue reading

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