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One Unforgettable Day

One of the most important “memories” of the church is found recorded in Acts chapter 2. What is significant about this memory and distinguishes it from many other memories we have in our life is that the memory of what happened then is something that is still happening today! We not only remember through the pages of the scripture what happened when the Holy Spirit moved in the early church in the book of Acts but we also are witnesses and for some of us participants in the outpouring of the Holy Spirit today! And for those who have and are experiencing Him, it truly is unforgettable! Continue reading

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This entry is part 1 of 4 in the series Church on Fire

The church of Acts is acurately described with the word “inspire”. Not only were they inspired but they were also inspiring to the world around them. No one could say that this church “blended in”. Could we say the same for the church today? Continue reading

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