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The Team with a Dream

So, as we come to chapter 3, we discover that the building has begun. Here in this chapter is faithfully recorded by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit the names of those that worked on the wall. They are recorded because God wants them to be remembered. They are Jerusalem?s dream team. They came together and pulled off what others thought would be impossible. God makes sure that they are remembered for their accomplishment in fulfilling His purpose.

Today I want to highlight to you in Nehemiah 3:1-32 seven approaches to re-building the wall of Jerusalem that ensured it?s success. In doing so I believe that you?ll discover as I did the key to being successful in the plans the Lord sets out for your life and the life of this church. How do you want to be remembered? Continue reading

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Propelling Passion

I believe we are living in a time right now where people are spiritually hungry and are looking for something that will answer their deepest questions and meet their direst needs. It is a tremendous opportunity for those of us who have faith in Jesus Christ to share His message and His gospel and His life with those around us. And yet, in this time of spiritual hunger are we really seeing an impact being made? I don?t think we are. In fact I know we?re not. Why? Because of a lack of passion. And I see this lack. I?ve felt this lack in my own life. And I?ve heard about this lack in the lives of some of you as well. Yes, there is a need for passion in our midst ? the kind of passion that will stir the embers of God?s word in our hearts and raise up a church that is on fire for him. A church that is not satisfied with staying on the passionless treadmill of mediocrity but a church that is ready to be propelled by passion into the flames of Holy Spirit revival! Continue reading

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