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Church Shopping Online

Church consultant Tom Bandy says that as tools for reaching potential worshipers, church Web sites are growing in number and getting more sophisticated. One sign: 5 years ago, churches made up only 5% of clientele for StreamGuys, an Arcadia, CA-based … Continue reading

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I Saw Me

“I’m sorry. Please forgive me! I don’t mean to hold you up,” he said as he struggled to get off the escalator.I’ll admit to it. There have been times when walking or driving behind an older person, I’ve gotten impatient … Continue reading

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Just be a Christian…

“When we seek out that which is lost, we are loving our neighbor as we love ourselves and valuing people as God values them. If we as the Church keep this as our core focus and mission, we will never … Continue reading

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Seven “I wills” You can Count On

When a man says, “I will” it doesn’t necessarily mean much. But when we come to the places where Jesus said “I will”, He means to do what He says! Continue reading

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When closeness threatens growth…

“What makes a small church successful is what will eventually halt its growth. Everyone in a small church knows everyone else. This creates a tight community, composed largely of the kind of people ‘we like’

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