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Holy Desperation

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Jesus understood the power of an image connected with an idea. In this brief be-attitude Jesus presents the powerful image of someone who is desperate and connects it with the blessing of God’s reward Continue reading

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Creating Motivation

“If you want to build a ship, don’t drum up people together to collect wood and don’t assign them tasks and work, but rather teach them to long for the endless immensity of the sea.” – Antoine de Saint-Exupery, found … Continue reading

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No Common Act

There is the continual struggle with the thinking that the secular and the sacred are morally and spiritually incompatible, and as we are driven by the necessities of living to be always crossing back and forth from the one to the other, our inner lives tend to break up so that we live a divided instead of unified life.
I?m convinced that it is exactly this that causes unrest in many professing Christians and at the same time drives many a seeker away because of the seeming hypocrisy of it all. I?m also convinced that it is this that keeps many people from experiencing the full depths of a enriching and exciting life that God wants everyone to experience. I choose my words carefully there because life will never be free of pain and the Christian that is fulfilled by there existence on this world has lost sight of the wonder of the world to come ? for friends that is the world that will bring fulfillment.
Here and now, however God would have us experience His presence in a real and tangible way every day. So, are so many of us missing this? Continue reading

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How to Sustain Spiritual Momentum

This morning I want to start by just asking you a question – if you could have been around for any single event in the life of Jesus, what would you choose? Now I am sure there are some in the room today who would love to have been there on that day in Bethlehem when God became flesh and Jesus was born. There might be some in the room that who would say, “I would love to have been there when Jesus stood outside the tomb of his friend Lazarus and called him forth and Lazarus came back from the dead.” Or maybe someone would say, “I would love to have been there on that early Sunday morning when Jesus Himself, after dying on the cross, raised Himself from the dead.” I know that’s what a lot of us would say. Perhaps there is even someone here today who would say, “I would have liked to have been there when Jesus turned water into wine.”

However, if I could have tagged along with Jesus, there’s another event that I would have chosen. I would have loved to be a part of the day where Peter, James and John accompanied Jesus and hiked up to the top of the mountain. And the Bible says that in Matthew 17, that when they got to the top of the mountain something happened, and the Bible describes it like this: it says that Jesus was transfigured. That word, if we go back to the original language is really the word “metamorphosis.” It means a change in form. And the Bible says that in that moment that He was transfigured, His face shone like the sun and His clothes were light as the light. And for one brief, fleeting moment, the glory of God, which had been contained there by the flesh of Jesus leaked out. What an unbelievable experience. And if that were not enough for Peter to get to witness, the Bible says that out of heaven appeared Elijah and Moses there in that scene. And then, out of the cloud comes a loud voice and God says, “This is my son, whom I love. With Him I am well pleased. Listen to Him.” Continue reading

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Propelling Passion

I believe we are living in a time right now where people are spiritually hungry and are looking for something that will answer their deepest questions and meet their direst needs. It is a tremendous opportunity for those of us who have faith in Jesus Christ to share His message and His gospel and His life with those around us. And yet, in this time of spiritual hunger are we really seeing an impact being made? I don?t think we are. In fact I know we?re not. Why? Because of a lack of passion. And I see this lack. I?ve felt this lack in my own life. And I?ve heard about this lack in the lives of some of you as well. Yes, there is a need for passion in our midst ? the kind of passion that will stir the embers of God?s word in our hearts and raise up a church that is on fire for him. A church that is not satisfied with staying on the passionless treadmill of mediocrity but a church that is ready to be propelled by passion into the flames of Holy Spirit revival! Continue reading

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