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God’s Resolution

A question kept popping up in my mind, “What about God? What is His resolution for my life?” Indeed, as I thought about it, I realized that no matter what resolution I made for the New Year ? if it wasn?t centered in his desire and plan for my life then it would amount to nothing. Yet, if my resolutions are founded on the instruction of the Holy Spirit then I can find strength and resolve in the Lord?s completing those resolutions through me in the New Year! Continue reading

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Exemption from hardship?

“No one gets an exemption from hardship on planet earth. How we receive it hinges on whether we believe in an alternate reality that transcends the one we know so well. The Bible never minimizes hardship or unfairness – witness … Continue reading

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Redeemed Time

So here we are, at the threshold of 2002. Looking back at the previous year there is certainly lots that has happened. Of course what would stand out most in peoples minds would be the events of September 11th. Certainly the busyness of our lives was interrupted that week when the news of the disaster reached where we were. However, is there really any lasting dent in our “normal” lifestyle. Certainly for some directly impacted by this tragedy there has been ? but what about the rest of us? Has life returned to normal for you? And lets think about that word for a minute ? “normal”. In this world that we live in ? is normal all that it?s cracked up to be? Certainly if we look around at the events in the world, in our own country in our own town for the past 10 years we find that what has been termed “normal” is far from ideal! How do you define normal for your life? Continue reading

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