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Talk about a bad deal…

In 1965 47-year-old Francois Raffray made a deal with then 90-year-old Jeanne Calment. He agreed to pay her $500 a month for the rest of her life in exchange for her condo when she died. He paid her that sum … Continue reading

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what do you do with your potential?

When I ask the question, “What do you do with your potential?” I’m talking something that is already within your capability to do. It is something already possible. Your gifts, your abilities, your resources, your knowledge, your experience are all things that affect and result in your potential! For believers, your very position as a child of God is the greatest factor in the size of your potential. The question is not “What you have?” but what are you doing with what you have? It is a question, not only for ourselves as individuals, but also for us corporately as a church… Continue reading

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God’s Resolution

A question kept popping up in my mind, “What about God? What is His resolution for my life?” Indeed, as I thought about it, I realized that no matter what resolution I made for the New Year ? if it wasn?t centered in his desire and plan for my life then it would amount to nothing. Yet, if my resolutions are founded on the instruction of the Holy Spirit then I can find strength and resolve in the Lord?s completing those resolutions through me in the New Year! Continue reading

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This entry is part 3 of 4 in the series Church on Fire

Equipping is empowerment…being equipped means you have the power to do something. When we look at the Church of Acts we discover that the believers walked in the understanding that God equipped them for what He called them too and that He gifted the church with leaders to prepare them (or “perfect”) them for acts of service (that is using the giftings, abilities God had equipped them with) in the kingdom. The church today must regain this concept of being a place where people discover how God has equipped them for ministry and then are prepared, encouraged, and released into their calling (which is an ongoing process)… Continue reading

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City on a Hill: Light Power

Can you imagine what life would be like without “light?” I have a good idea it would be pretty dark! Often the power of light is described in “candlepower.” Tonight I?m going to talk about the identity, intentionality, and intensity of our candlepower as Christians. On the eve of the New Year I think it is good for us to be reminded of the vision God has given us. As we enter into the New Year we have the opportunity to let Christ?s light burn in us and through us for the advancement of His kingdom. Continue reading

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