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Square pegs in Round holes…

“God has someone for each ministry he initiates, so don’t force pieces into the wrong slots by not doing your homework. Guard yourself from the temptation to fill a position with a warm body.” – Wayne Cordeiro, Doing Church as … Continue reading

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Unplugged Volunteers

“Perhaps the only thing worse than losing volunteers is when a volunteer in your ministry unplugs from his or her relationship with God and stays involved in your ministry.” – Bill Allison, Recruiting, Motivating & Retaining Volunteers in the Church

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Serving God is a Noble Task

This entry is part 4 of 4 in the series Eternal Truths You Can Depend On

This fourth eternal truth Paul shared with Timothy deals with the value, the worth – the nobility of serving God. Serving God is a worthwhile task to be desired and revered over all others. Continue reading

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